We promise to be the bridge that connects the Atlanta black dance community to the rest of the dance world. 

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Photography by Kemi Griffin 

We recognize that lack of funding is a major issue within the black arts industry. 

In order to keep our arts community thriving and our artistic stories being told through the art of dance, we promise to uphold philanthropic efforts that financially assist the artists and educators of the Atlanta black dance community.

We take so much pride in uplifting the black dance community in the city that raised us. We have made it our duty to make sure we create safe spaces for us and by us, where the artists of our city can have the opportunities to feel seen, heard, nurtured, and supported. By creating a network and an alliance amongst the artists and educators in this great city, we will be able to bridge the gap between the Atlanta black dance community and the rest of the dance world.

We believe in the power of training both the body and the mind. Through our education efforts, we will not only provide our community with master classes and mentorship from top industry professionals, but we will also make sure that we host seminars and workshops that educate our community about the business of dance and the world around them.


Uplift, support, inspire, and empower Atlanta’s black dance community.

Black Dance Alliance

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